Hey Mr. Ward,
First want to thank you for the opportunity last year to tour the Chancellorsville battlefield with Gary Gallagher & Bob Krick – what a
fantastic time ! It was the BEST 2 day vacation I had in years. I sincerely wish I could take all your tours as the sites & tour guides
sound wonderful. Unfortunately, occupation demands prohibit me from doing so . . .
But I still can take one trip. Was wondering if your October trip to Winchester, Virginia still has openings. Would like to make my
reservation ASAP if seats are still available. Thanks again for organizing these priceless journeys to America’s sacred ground.

Brent Fletcher ★★★★★

David…… I am finally getting around to sending you an e-mail and thanking and complementing you on such an extensive and excellent tour of
Sheridan in the Shenandoah led by Ed Bearss. I really learned an great deal about the campaign. Your tours are very well done and organized with
an special personal touch like dropping me off in Centervillie to meet my friends I really appreciated that and so did my friends . Your selection
of the HOLIDAY INN was excellent and the lunches on both days were also excellent really FIRST CLASS! I will indeed plan another tour with you in
the near future and tell my civil war friends about your great tours!
Also I had three wonderful days in CULPEPER VA. touring BRANDY STATION and CEDER MOUNTAIN with VIRGINIA MORTON she is quite an southern bell !
and knows her history and culpeper very well she mention that she knows you and ED.very nice lady! Have an great rest of the summer with your tours
and keep in touch!……………REGARDS!

Steven ★★★★★

Just a line to thank you and all your incredible guides for a terrific tour. Gloria and I really enjoyed the entire experience. I also would appreciate it if you would pass on the following information to Terry the school teacher who did all the video work. He was going to copy the raw tapes onto DVD disks and we would love to get a copy. We need to know the cost so we can send him the money. Thanks.

Ron and Gloria Deane★★★★★

Dear David:

A very special thanks from me and Eric for an extraordinary tour. We really did not know what to expect, but found every day beyond our expectations. You picked wonderful people to guide us, wonderful restaurants to feed us, and wonderful sites to fill our minds full of information. What a great thing to have as an avocation and hobby! I know that you inspired Eric to open his eyes to all the opportunities that historians can have, and I thank you and your friends for that.

I hope that you arrived home safely and that your golf tournament was successful…more so than Tiger’s.

Best wishes for all that you do from this grateful Grandma…

Ann Van Cott★★★★★

Thank you so much for the excellent planning that provided the exceptional experiences of the Civil War Tours. If every student of American History could experience the pivotal events of our country like that, we would collectively be more intelligent and perceptive. You and your colleagues’ knowledge of events, the gifted storytelling, and the passion for the subject truly moved us. What a memorable experience our week was!
Your selection for lunches and dinners was wonderful!. I’ll never eat chowder again without remembering the oyster chowder I had at the Tobacco Factory. All others will pale!
Take care and thanks again!

Julie and Kerry Smith★★★★★

I just want to thank you and everyone that was involved with the tour last weekend for a truly memorable experience. We enjoyed the Friday night lectures up until we got off the bus on Sunday afternoon! We met great people from around the country and what can I say about Ed? I feel honored to have been in his presence!

Please thank all the speakers and of course, Mark and Ed. They were wonderful!

Last weekend was our first Civil War Tour, but it won’t be our last.

Thank you again,

Linda Schwartz & Jim Myers★★★★★

I did not get to properly thank you for a fantastic tour. I don’t know whether or not you give out critique sheets at the end but if you had, I would have rated everything as Perfect ++. Everything was absolutely perfect in terms of content and how well you have the whole thing organized. I really liked the fact that you kept our days completely filled. I have idolized McPherson, Krick, and Bearss and use their writings in my classes–needless to say, I was enthralled the whole time. And, I greatly appreciated your insights as well and could see that you could probably step in when needed and do a lot of the tour yourself.

By the way, I checked my copy of Civil War Combat: The Crater at Petersburg. I recorded it many years ago from the History Channel. I see why they did not have it at the Visitor Center. I could not find it anywhere on the web and that’s too bad because it is fantastic. I could make a copy for anybody if they are interested.

Thanks again,

Gary Henkel★★★★★

Dear David…what a fantastic week!…and thank you for making it come together so beautifully…I will always remember the historic places, the legendary guides, the nice people on the tour, and your superb organization…I look forward to staying in touch and to more great civil war history…all the best,


Hi David;

Well, it’s July 6th, and General Lee is headed back to Virginia licking his wounds and wondering what could have been.

Mary and I are back in Texas and wanted to drop you a note to thank you for a most excellent tour package during our 6 days in Virginia, Maryland, WV, and Pennsylvania.

This was a special trip for me because I’ve never been to Manassas, Petersburg, Cold Harbor, Spotsylvania CH, The Wilderness, or Chancellorsville before. Of course, you can never get enough of Gettysburg and James added a new dimension to that day. The 5-day experience there last year was incredible.

Bob Krick was a little more fiestier this year and I loved it. He knows his stuff about the Army of Northern Virginia and General Jackson. And then there was Ed. What a national treasure this guy is and how wonderful it was to talk with him and get your questions answered. Hope he’s on tour next year, too.

Your associate, Ed, did another fine job of keeping us on track and safe. Appreciate him; he’s a very nice guy. There was a lot of driving on this tour and Art made it as comfortable as possible for us. Another nice man.

Thanks again for hosting such an interesting, informative, and fun event. Hope to see you next year on tour, David. Good luck to you on your future endeavors.

Drop me a note if you’re ever in Texas.



Hello David;

My recent tour with your Gettysburg group exceeded my expectations in every regard; I had a great time.

Jeff, Bob, and Ed were super historian/guides. Each had his own spin on the events they led us on, including opinions!

I have been contemplating this tour for several years and really wanted to met Ed Bearrs. I was not disappointed. This guy was almost unbelievable in his talks and battlefield discussions. He was hard to keep up with, too, but we all managed. What a national treasure this guy is and I was so honored to meet him.

There were little extras that occured on the tour that even made it more memorable: the old lady who drove out to greet us and invited us (the bus included) back to her farm house and barn to show us the bullet holes, old raods, etc. She had guns in the truck of her car to show all, too. The trip to Dean Shulz’s farm was memorable, too. His wife came out and served our group fresh aple cider, apples, and cookies. What a nice treat.

I would also like to mention your tour group leader, Ed. He did a great job of keeping us in line and safe and pointed in the right direction at all times. He’s a good guy, in my book. Even the bus driver was cool!

I’ll be joining your tours again next year. Hope to meet you in person. Thank you for making this an occasion I will never forget.

Nelson Bellesheim★★★★★


My son Mark and I found your Gettysburg Battle Tour, lead by Ed Bearss a truly remarkable experience.
This was a birthday gift from my children, suggested by Mark after reading about it in the Smithsonian Magazine. Mark took time off and traveled from San Diego to join me for this experience.

Ed Bearss is a living legion, well worth the time and expense of the tour to behold. This phenomenal historian and storyteller made this battle come alive for everyone on the tour. This 85 year old man with the detailed memory of a computer and youthful vigor could out walk all of us on the tour while spouting facts, figures and colorful stories in his distinctive easy to hear and understanding booming voice.

Dave, this was a once in a life time experience! Thank you, Ed Bearss and your staff for making it a pleasant, well organized and thoroughly enjoyable experience. I look forward to your next tour of Antietam in 2009. Please keep me on your mailing list.


Blaine K. Milner
Columbia, Maryland★★★★★