Gettysburg: The Third Day and Lee’s Retreat


Featuring Highly Regarded Civil War Historians:

-Jeff Wert -Jim Hessler -Eric Wittenberg

Headquarters for this tour will be the Days Inn located at 865 York Road (U.S. Route 30)Gettysburg, PA 17325 Tele 717-334-0030 Civil War Journeys has reserved a block of rooms for tour participants at the rate of 99$ per night plus applicable taxes. This three-day tour will begin Thursday evening at 8PM at the Days Inn with a lecture by David Ward “Meade’s Lieutenants on the Eve of the Gettysburg Campaign.”

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Friday Day 1 With noted cavalry historian Eric Wittenberg we’ll cover the retreat of R. E. Lee’s army from Gettysburg to the Potomac River. Our interpretive stops will include the cavalry fight at Monterey Pass on July 4 which featured Confederate cavalry under Grumble Jones and Union cavalry commanded by George Judson and Judson Kilpatrick. We’ll also cover the Battle of Smithsburg the action in the streets of Hagerstown and the Battle of Funkstown. In addition we will cover the engagement at Boonsboro and the Battle of Williamsport. Finally we’ll visit the Battle of Falling Waters where Confederate Gen. Johnston Pettigrew was mortally wounded.

Saturday Day 2 Following our guide Jim Hessler we’ll start the day with the cavalry action at Fairfield. From there we will head east of Gettysburg and make several stops to interpret the cavalry fight between Gen. Stuart and Gen. Custer. We’ll also cover the cavalry action on the southern end of the battlefield which featured a charge led by Elon Farnsworth.

Sunday Day 3 With distinguished Civil War historian Jeff Wert we’ll open the day with a thorough examination of the morning fighting at Culp’s Hill. From there we will visit a little known Gettysburg site known to many as the Lost Avenue. The action here on July 3 featured elements of Gen. “Beau” Neill’s 6 th Corps brigade and the 2 nd Virginia of the Stonewall Brigade. We will devote the afternoon to the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble assault and the Union defense of Cemetery ridge.