Private Battlefield Tours

Leadership Training Seminars

Each year I am approached by private organizations, public and private colleges and universities along with families, to develop and lead private tours of Civil War battlefields and historic sites. Such tours can be a single day or an entire week. I have worked with the history department at Dakota Wesleyan University and the education department at Pennsylvania State University along with any number of small family groups and organizations interested in tours specifically structured to meet their needs regarding the development of a tour to fit their schedules and interests.

All of our private tours feature a nationally known historian or local expert along with a tour manager to handle logistics and planning. Such tours allow the participants to design and plan the tour, in consultation with David Ward, and essentially customize all aspects of the battlefield experience. Customized private tours enable the participants to see more sites and afford everyone in the smaller group unparalleled access to the professional guide providing interpretation during the tour. Private, customized personal tours are very popular and a hallmark of Civil War Journeys.

Leadership training seminars are also offered by Civil War Journeys. Corporate customers we have worked with include Fortune 500 companies such as Lockheed Martin. In hosting and producing leadership seminars we use several battlefields chief among them 1 st Manassas, Antietam and Gettysburg. These programs feature nationally known historians to lead the battlefield tours and noted authors with a business background to lead the seminar management classes. These weekend programs focus on strategic thinking, command style (team building), communications, courage, morale and logistics.

If you are interested in either a private tour or a leadership training seminar please contact David Ward for a confidential proposal designed to meet your individual or corporate needs.

Looking forward to meeting you and your group on the battlefield!